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There are a series of immediate benefits from using Pozitive Insurance Solutions, beyond our expert advice and support:

Exclusive discounts on your insurance premium for being a Pozitive Energy customer

We will illustrate every insurance quote with the discount available to you for being an existing Pozitive Energy customer. We can guarantee to save you money on your insurance premium.

However, if you are yet to become a Pozitive Energy customer, we can still offer you a discount on your insurance, however it will not be activated until you become a Pozitive Energy customer.

Insurer match

Pozitive Insurance has wide market access, so if you are loyal to a certain insurance company and want to maintain that relationship, then we will keep you with that same insurer. Loyalty to insurers can yield benefits in terms of cover continuity and increased peace of mind. Pozitive can act on your behalf with the same insurer. All that is needed is a completed letter of appointment which can be printed and signed on headed paper to arrange transfer.

Premium match or saving

Pozitive Insurance Solutions will aim to match your proposed renewal terms or provide a proposal with a saving, subject to insurance market conditions. When you provide details of the current insurance arrangements in place, including policy schedules, we endeavour to ensure our proposal is the same or less. Pozitive want you to benefit from the energy saving and insurance saving together.

Longer term contracts

In the same way Energy contracts can be fixed, so can the underlying rates on insurance policies. These long term agreements or undertakings tend to be 3 or sometimes 5 year agreements, and have various conditions attached to and can depend on market conditions. We will explore as much alignment between Energy and Insurance deals as possible, if this is of interest.

Co-terminus renewal dates, and payments

Both energy and insurance can be aligned to renew at the same time with payments made on the same day. Our system will co-ordinate to support this. If an insurance renewal date is currently not aligned, then this can be negotiated with the respective insurance companies.

Pre-switch energy discount

If you move your insurance to Pozitive Insurance, and are not currently with Pozitive Energy, then we will accumulate the insurance discount available as if you were an energy customer, provided you commit and sign a renewal energy contract with Pozitive Energy in advance. We will accumulate the discount that would have been given on insurance and deduct this from your insurance bills over the first year of the contract.

Of course, you do not have to buy energy from Pozitive Energy to be a Pozitive Insurance Solutions customer, although clearly it would help your business save money.

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